Baby's Breakfast
(A kisbaba reggelije)

feature, 35mm, 90 minutes


The film, with the addition of the Lumiére Reels by András Szirtes, shows a two-months-old baby's first gestures while trying to discover the surounding world. The director attempts to compare the relationship of the new-born film and the world to that of the new-born baby and the world. The two levels of the film often meet or cross each other.


KODAK, Filmlabor, MMA, Hungarian Film Institute, Nemzeti Kulturális Alap Production company
Eszter Kovács Editor
András Szirtes Producer
George Sadoul Writer
András Szirtes Director
András Szirtes Screenplay
Gábor Bódis Production manager
András Szirtes Director of photography
Ferenc Darvas Music
Júlia Szirtes, András Szirtes, Michael Mechlmann, Marco Fererri Cast


Bergamo Film Meeting - 1996
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival - 2010

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