Being Julia
(Csodálatos Júlia)

feature, 35mm, 105 minutes

co-produced with: Canada United Kingdom United States


This film is set in 1938, in England. Its central character is a celebrated actress in her early forties, whose professional successes and private life are revealed to the audience.
The story focuses on her struggle not to have to constantly hide behind her roles. In the end she discovers her true self and faces her real personality.

Based on W.S. Maugham's Theatre.


István Szabó Director
Ronald Harwood Screenplay
Lajos Koltai Director of photography
Susan Shipton  Editor
Mychael Danna  Music
Paul Ghirardani, Loránt Jávor Visual design
John Bloomfield  Costumes
Robert Lantos Producer
Serendipity Point Films / CA, I.S.L. Film, Hogarth Productions / UK, First Choice Films / CA, Myriad Pictures / US Production company
Jeremy Irons, Annette Bening Cast


European Film Academy - 2005 Nominated for Jameson People's Choice Award for Best European Director
Bordeaux International Festival of Women in Cinema - 2005 Vague d'Or for the Best Actress to Annette Bening


Les Arcs European Film Festival - 2009
Toronto International Film Festival - 2004

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