Black List - Gipsy Inmates in the Forced Labour Camps in 1944
(Fekete lista - Cigány munkaszolgálatosok 1944-ben)

documentary, video, 68 minutes


The forced labour borne by Gipsies during the war has to a great part not been unveiled by historical and military science. This deficiency is partly due to the lack of sources (documentation was destroyed or not made), and partly to insufficient research. Unfortunately, up until recent decades recollections have not been recorded, in-depth interviews have not been made with survivors, and so this documentary undertook the task to fill this gap. The film presents various stories from the forced labour of Gipsies during the Second World War. Survivors recall their experiences of forced labour, and forced military labour. These various forms of work were practically all obligatory unpaid labour under different names; if people weren� willing to go, they were dragged away by force. The life of the inmates was one of absolute defencelessness even in the above circumstances. The film gives an account of the strange story of a Gipsy labour brigade, the way in which they were treated, and their chances of survival. It also portrays the role of the gendarmerie in enforcing labour.


Ágota Varga Director
Ágota Varga Screenplay
Csaba Miklósvölgyi, Károly Markert Director of photography
Béla Kovács Editor
Cigány népdalok, Zsófia Tallér, G. F. Narholz Music
Sándor Faludi Sound
Ágota Varga Producer
Hungarian Television, FILMIRa Ltd. Production company

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