2020, short, 12 minutes



In the break between two classes, István, the headmaster of the secondary school is returning to his office, where two parents are waiting for him. They want to take their son out of school because of a job opportunity, to have some extra income for the family. István regards the case just another problem in the day that he needs to get over with. He shows the parents how to fill out the necessary forms, then he does the paperwork as Zoli (16) is just sitting silently. One of Zoli’s teachers tries to convince István that he boy deserves to complete his studies, but the headmaster is reluctant to get into conflict with the parents. Overhearing their conversation Zoli storms out of the office, leaving the teachers and parents behind. When István is alone again, the window of his office is suddenly shattered by a stone.


Levente Kölcsey Director
Levente Kölcsey Screenplay
András Táborosi Director of photography
Bernadett Tuza-Ritter Editor
András Pongor Music
Balázs Zachar, Levente Kölcsey, Judit Romwalter Producer
Proton Cinema Production company
Sparks Co-producer
Sándor Terhes, Dominik Huszka, Katalin Simkó, Attila Grofsits, Erzsébet Szabó Cast


Targu-Mures AlterNative - 2020 Main Prize


Locarno International Film Festival - 2020 (in competition)

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