Burial of Winter

documentary, video, 70 minutes


Our heroine, Jezebel, who grew up on folk tradition and superstitions, works for a shady business. Two geniuses run this Internet company that rips off the whole world. They get around by a motorcycle with a sidecar. They are afraid of losing the power Jezebel wants to take from them. What does tech-music have?
What can you find out with the help of a happy DJ?
The strict and sick Elijah and aunt Anna, the wise-woman of the village determined Jezebel� childhood. She can use the tricks she� learnt from them anywhere, from the village to the modern city. The film is about a woman today with the abilities of a medium, who tries to come up to requirements, adapt and find herself.


Péter Szalay Director of photography
Da-Da Film Sound
Kata Várszegi Costumes
Da-Da Film, Euromozaik Alapítvány Production company
Imre Szapesi, Zsuzsa Tácsik Music
Miklós Szederkényi Production manager
Da-Da Film Editor
Triceps Visual design
Péter Szalay, Ildikó Hidas Screenplay
Péter Szalay Director
András Péterffy Producer
Albertné özv. Károly, György Dr. Rappay, Ferenc Kovács, Lenke Dr. Gazsó, Erzsébet Soltész, Imre Szepesi, Zsolt Szász Cast


Cracow Film Festival - 1999 Elismerő oklevél
Antalya Golden Orange IFF - 1999 Best Shortfilm


Bucharest DaKINO - 1999 (in competition)
Istanbul International Short Film Days - 2000
Drama International Short Film Festival - 1999 (in competition)
Ankara Festival on Wheels - 2000
Saint-Petersburg Message to Man - 1999
Oberhausen International Short Film Festival - 1999 (in competition)
Stockholm International Film Festival - 1999

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