C-losing Time
(Veszett idők)

feature, 69 minutes


Sometime not too far in the future a revolution takes place in a certain country. A special dictatorship, the Smokers' Society. The changes of the revolution transform the structures of the society radically. On top of hierarchy stands the Doctor Prime Minister. The main characters live in this country that has its own laws. They have something in common: they do nothing. We don't find out anything about their existence. Who are these sub-beings? Dániel, Kristóf and Tamás? Why is János Paulus, the "Roman" investigating? Who is he after? Some people play the dice, even take a risk. It's 2017. Danube City - the former Budapest.
Anything can happen, but there are no more stories.


András Matkócsik, Gáspár Kéri, András Fiáth Director of photography
Béla Balázs Studio Foundation Production company
András Szepessy, András Fiáth Screenplay
András Fiáth Director
Ferenc Komjáti Production manager
Béla Zsebényi, Róbert Juhász Sound
Krisztina Marosi Costumes
Mária Kovács Editor
András Fiáth Music
András Fiáth, Gábor Zala Writer
Henrik Pauer, Villő Turcsány, Tamás Varga, Erika Jakab, András Szepessy, Gábor Zala, Ferenc Hujber, Sándor Reisenbüchler Jr. Cast

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