short, HD, 16 minutes

drama comedy short film


During a professional conference in Prague, two simultanous interpreters in the Hungarian booth realize that only one person is listening to them.

Sometimes it's hard to be a conference interpreter.

Géza and András woke up at 4.30. went to the airport, flew to Czech Republick to help the fridge industry with their knowledge in languages. They are different kind of interpreters. András likes salmon, Pali doesn’t. András is twitchy, Paly is calm. And Pali takes his job very seriously. Until that day…


Barnabás Tóth Director
Barnabás Tóth Screenplay
András Gábor Szőke Director of photography
Gyula Hegedűs Editor
László Pirisi Music
Bálint Zándoki Sound
Andrea Kuczkó, Gábor Rajna, Lajos Tóth Producer
Laokoon Film Production company
Andrea Osvárt, Géza Takács Cast


Footcandle Film Festival - 2018 Best Narrative Short
Fisheye Film Festival - 2018 Best Short Film
Fisheye Film Festival - 2018 Pál Göttinger - Best Actor
Fisheye Film Festival - 2018 Gyula Hegedűs - Best Editor
Fisheye Film Festival - 2018 Best Hair & Makeup Design
Fisheye Film Festival - 2018 Best Production Design
Fisheye Film Festival - 2018 Best Screenplay
Innsbruck Nature Film Festival - 2018 Best Film on the Topic of Future Energy & Resources
Manhattan Short Film Festival - 2018 Silver Medal Winner
Targu-Mures AlterNative - 2018 Main Prize
Russian Indie Film Festival - 2018 Pál Göttinger - Best Actor
Vukovar Film Festival - 2019 Best Short Film
Padova River Film Festival - 2018 Audience Award
Hungarian Film Awards - 2018 Best Screenplay - Short Film
Providence Rhode Island International Film Festival - 2018 Best Comedy Short
Hungarian Film Awards - 2019 Barnabás Tóth - Best Screenplay


Friss Hús Budapest International Shortfilm Festival - 2018 (in competition)
Ghent Flanders International Film Festival - 2018
Lagów International Film Festival - 2019
Moscow International Film Festival - 2018
Palm Springs Short Film Festival - 2018 (in competition)

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