Couch Surf
(Couch Surf)

feature, digital, color, 84 minutes

sketch comedy


-sketch film-

In everyday life, there are couches all around. Since the Roman Empire it became such a natural piece of every space, man has created, nowadays we don’t even notice it. We might appreciate it when we sink into its arms, otherwise it’s just something for our botty.
It pleases all of us without reference of age, pedigree, religion or circumstances. You find a couch anywhere from school to workplace, clubs to pubs, down the ground or up high, till you finally arrive home. It is waiting for you with everlasting tolerance, and has seen everything a man could pass through. Love, death, friendship, solitude, caducity, magic, laughter and tears. Jizz and puke.
The movie’s main character and constant performer is the COUCH. A solid Zelig, for three, set in various places, and faraway lives. In a bachelor’s living room, on a corner in Paris, at the therapist, or the gates of Hell. Coffee break shorts on eleven different couches.
Every new micro-universe brings new figures, new conflicts, actions and solutions. Honest, snappy, flabbering, and shocking everyday situations, breath taking moments served with style. Our lovely small fries are fighting their own daemons, with unexpected turns and reactions. A comedy of fixations, frustrations, and neurosis.  A joyful observation in the depths of our humanity. But still, we feel like we’re watching moments of our teeming, messy everyday life.


Zsombor Dyga Director
Ágnes Mészöly, Zsombor Dyga, Norbert Köbli Screenplay
Gábor Marosi Director of photography
Judit Czakó Editor
The Uptown Felaz Music
István Major Producer
Filmteam Production company
Vica Kerekes, Gabriella Hámori, Mónika Balsai, Zsolt Nagy, József Gyabronka, Zsolt Anger, Andrea Fullajtár, Roland Rába, Ferenc Elek, Kata Bartsch, Franciska Törőcsik Cast


Pune International Film Festival - 2015

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