2017, feature, HD, 126 minutes


PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2017. 2. 16.

Sultry heat, dinginess, unspoken social problems and hierarchical infighting. This is the town of Tűzkő, somewhere in present-day Hungary. This is where Misi arrives to inherit his grandfather’s house and property. Misi is a disillusioned and frustrated young man who is constantly on the run and who does not find his place in the world, in work or in relationships. He commits himself to rebuilding the house with some of his friends, which disrupts the interests of the local leaders. Serious struggles ensue for the land, for love and for life. Misi transforms into a coyote in all respects. This is a real Eastern with extraordinary imagery.


Márk Kostyál Director
Balázs Lovas, Balázs Lengyel Screenplay
Márk Kostyál, Attila Csoboth Director of photography
Manó Csillag Editor
Márk Moldvai Music
Renátó Cseh Visual design
Judit Sinkovics Costumes
Gábor Kálomista, Dorottya Helmeczy Producer
Megafilm Production company
András Mészáros , Dobra Mara, Attila Bocsárszky, Levente Orbán, László Mátray , Lehel Salat, Gabi Szabó, Frigyes Kovács, Lili Monori Cast


Palic International Film Festival - 2017
Targu-Mures AlterNative - 2017
Vienna Let s CEE Film Festival - 2018 (in competition)
Hamburg Filmfest - 2019
Cottbus FilmFestival - 2019

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