feature, video, 82 minutes


An unsuccessful writer puts an ad in a newspaper: he will write biographies at order. Soon a mysterious stranger dressed in black appears and offers him a job. Meanwhile brutal murders are happening in town. The writer has the most depressing visions and keeps seeing strange images from the past. Soon imagination and reality mingle. No one can be innocent in this story of the dark.


Zsolt Bernáth Director
Zsolt Bernáth Screenplay
Tamás Szentkúti Director of photography
Zsolt Bernáth Editor
Zoltán Végh Music
Zoltán Végh Sound
Pál Juhász Visual design
Pál Juhász Production manager
Zsolt Bernáth Producer
Cruel World Team Production company
János Holinszky, Krisztián Szendrődi, Zsolt Benke, Zoltán Kozma, László Túri, Zsolt Juhász, Anikó Jankovics, Borbála Kis, Noémi Szilvássy, Ádám Sztankay Cast


San Francisco International Film Festival - 1996
Toronto International Film Festival - 1995
Săo Paulo International Film Festival - 1994
Valenciennes Film Festival - 1996
Wiesbaden GoEast Film Festival - 2004
Zagreb Film Festival - 1997

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