feature, 35mm, 100 minutes, 1:1.33

First feature


"... and the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons even if those sons are daughters."
Elza is a heavily pregnant drug addict caught in a love triangle fraught with tension. She is beginning to completely lose her grip on life when her father appears unexpectedly on her thirtieth birthday. Rusty is a police legend and Elza hates him. What was meant to be a warm reunion soon turns into a claustrophobic chase to the finish.


Krisztián Károly Köves Director
István Szabó Screenplay
Balázs Dobóczi Director of photography
Ádám Fiers Editor
Viktor Rakonczai, Áron Ádám Kovács Music
Ferenc Császár, Ottó Bodza Sound
Kata Sára Costumes
Gábor Kovács, Ági Pataki Producer
Filmpartners Production company
Kata Dobó, András Kern, Tamás Lengyel, Béla Mészáros, Dénes Ujlaki Cast


Liege Policier - 2010 (in competition)
Brussels EuroCine 27 - 2010
Săo Paulo Cinefantasy - 2010 (in competition)
Chennai International Film Festival - 2012
Bengaluru International Film Festival - 2012

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