short, 35mm, 7 minutes



Where does an East German on the run in 1989 cross paths with a Nigerian who is also on the run to the West in 2016? Only in a discourse on Europe’s future.

Moses the Nigerian runs through water and land with his family; an East German couple rushes towards the horizon while Radio Free Europe signals spread from abandoned East German cars laying in waste fields. Blacks and Germans fuse though time and space to break through barbed wire.
A discourse over humanity and amnesia in a fantasy piece, Dialogue is a fusion of two parallel stories: One in 1989, when Hungary was the first to open the iron curtain, and the other in 2015, when it erects a new barbed wire. Music by Béla Bartók, who emigrated from Hungary in 1941.


Gábor Fabricius Director
Gábor Fabricius Screenplay
Mátyás Erdély Director of photography
Richter Nóra Editor
Ferenc Pusztai, Gábor Fabricius Producer
KMH Film Production company
Niké Kurta Cast


Bratislava Febiofest - 2017 Jury Special Mention


Zurich Film Festival - 2017
Luxembourg CinÉast - 2017
Vienna Let s CEE Film Festival - 2018

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