Down by Love
(Szerelemtől sújtva)

feature, 35mm, 90 minutes, 1:1.85


Twenty-four-year-old Éva has lived for years in the flat left to her by her parents. The only meaning in her restricted life is her secret affair with Tibor, a forty-four-year-old married man. Éva�s parents died in a car accident while she was still a little girl. Friends of the family, Tibor and Klára, adopted the child. Tibor draws the adolescent girl into a relationship, and Éva finds herself in love with her adoptive father, becoming a slave to him in body and soul. Upon discovering the affair, Klára attempts to rid herself of Éva by sending her to an institution, but Tibor is unwilling to discontinue his secret relationship with the girl.
This state of affairs goes on for eleven years. There is no room in Éva�s life for anyone else but Tibor; she has no feelings of passion for any other man. Tibor then tells her that he will finally fulfil his promises to her by leaving Klára in order to begin a new life with Éva. Éva takes it upon herself to inform Klára - who she has not seen for years - of Tibor�s intention to divorce her. However, the meeting between the two women dashes all of Éva�s hopes when it transpires that Klára is heavily pregnant. Éva thinks of a desperate and insane plan.
The unusual plot of the film is told in an unusual way.
With great vigour a single actress manages to bring a feeling of desperate loneliness to her 90-minute performance.


Dalma Dévényi Costumes
Márton Borbás Visual design
Károly Ari Editor
Elemér Ragályi Director of photography
Can Togay, Tamás Sas Screenplay
David Yengibarian Music
Tivoli-Filmproduction, RTL Klub Production company
Péter Erdős Production manager
János Kőporossy Sound
Dénes Szekeres Producer
Tamás Sas Director
Zsuzsa Járó, Imre Csuja, Rita Talós, Lili Erdős, Józsa Hacser, Patrícia Kovács, János Szilágyi, Gábor Máté Cast


Cairo International Film Festival - 2003 Best Artistic Contribution


Lagów International Film Festival - 2004
San Jose Cinequest - 2004
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival - 2003
Karachi International Film Festival - 2004
Trieste Film Festival - 2004 (in competition)
Prague FEBIOFEST - 2004
Wiesbaden GoEast Film Festival - 2004 (in competition)
Hamburg Filmfest - 2003
Malaga BENALMÁDENA - 2003 (in competition)

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