(A gyertyák csonkig égnek)

feature, video, 90 minutes


Sándor Márai’s world famous masterpiece is the drama of a belated showdown. Two young cadets, closest friends once – two old men full of suspicion, bitterness and with a guilty conscience now, forty years later. And between the two dates – nothing but total blank.
They have not met for forty years – one of them was serving in the army in the tropics, the other was just sitting in the library watching the shutters in his castle after the army days.
But now they meet again, it is time to showdown.
What happened that day, some forty years ago? What mortal sin needs clarification? And behind all these questions and passions there is a dead woman: Krisztina, the beloved wife of one of them. The two friends shared the same passion for the same woman. One of them cheated and ran away, the other stayed but gave no helping hand to Krisztina who was in trouble. And now both has to face betrayal.
Now, when the candle burns to stub. Just embers.Based on Sándor Márai's Embers (A gyertyák csonkig égnek)



István Iglódi Director
Zsolt Pozsgai Screenplay
András Szalay Director of photography
István Kiss Editor
Chopin Music
György Lakatos, Zoltán Láposi Sound
István Szlávik Visual design
Judit Schaffer Costumes
József Sipos Producer
PCN Film Production company
Mariann Csernus, Gábor Agárdi, Pál Mihály, István Avar, Kátya Tompos Cast

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