animation, 35mm, 12 minutes, 1:1.85


A story about the music in us. The film is the encounter of two, one is leaving childhood. It is the monotony of freedom and the freedom of monotony.

2009 - Kecskemét Animation Film Festival: Best Music


Niki Kárász Production manager
Attila Pacsay Music
Imre Madácsi Sound
Géza M. Tóth Art director
Géza M. Tóth Director
Judit Czakó Editor
Kedd Animation Studios Production company
Géza M. Tóth Producer
Géza M. Tóth Screenplay
Árpád Koós, Zoltán Bogdán, Béla Klingl, Gergely Kozma Animation
Zoltán Bogdán Director of photography


Sarajevo Film Festival - 2008 Special Honorary Mention
Ojai Film Festival - 2009 Special Award
New York Animation Block Party - 2009 Best in Show
Bangkok International Animation Film Festival - 2009 Jury Award
Neufchateau FCAN - 2008 Grand Prix
Cacak ANIMANIMA - 2008 Special Distinction for Best Sound Design: Attila Pacsay
Asolo Art Film Festival - 2010 Best Music: Attila Pacsay
Tirana AniFest ROZAFA - 2010 Special Award for Best Sound Design
Mogilev Animaevka - 2010 Best Experimental Fim
Patras International Panorama of Independent Film and Video - 2010 Best Animation
Malesco MalesCorto - 2010 Animation and Ecology Award


Zabok Tabor  Film Festival - 2009 (in competition)
London Sci-Fi-London - 2010 (in competition)
Bucharest DaKINO - 2008
Munich International Short Film Festival - 2009 (in competition)
Ljubljana ANIMATEKA - 2008 (in competition)
Córdoba International Animation Festival - ANIMACOR - 2008 (in competition)
Chieti MATITA Film Festival - 2008 (in competition)
Ghent Flanders International Film Festival - 2008 (in competition)
Capalbio Cinema - 2009
Amiens International Film Festival - 2008
Targu-Mures AlterNative - 2008 (in competition)
Aix-en-Provence Festival Tous Courts - 2008 (in competition)
Seoul SICAF - 2009 (in competition)
Ottawa International Animation Festival - 2008 (in competition)
Istanbul International Short Film Days - 2008
Bilbao ZINEBI - 2008 (in competition)
Vilnius TINDIRINDIS - 2008 (in competition)
Warsaw International Film Festival - 2008 (in competition)
Valladolid International Film Festival - 2008 (in competition)
Rio de Janeiro, Săo Paulo ANIMA MUNDI - 2008 (in competition)
Cannes Semaine Internationale de la Critique - 2008 (in competition)
Bergen International Film Festival - 2008
Cracow Etiuda & Anima - 2008 (in competition)
Bordeaux European Short Film Festival - 2009 (in competition)

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