Free Entry
(Free Entry)

feature, digital, color, 70 minutes

First feature


Short synopsis
Free Entry is an adventurous journey to adulthood, a summer youth drama revolving around the wild yet precarious relationship of Betty and 'V'. As the two 16-year-old girls risk their first steps towards independence, in different ways, they both come to experience the importance of their friendship.

Long synopsis
Betty and her friend V have a major project: the open-air Sziget festival held every summer on Óbudai, one of the Danube islands in Budapest. Instead of money the teenagers have a stash of grass waiting for a buyer. Food? Nothing wrong with the leftovers from other people’s plates. Tent? Why bother when you can sleep under the stars. Sleep? No way: the party goes on all night. V is a pretty girl who knows how to use her charms to the best advantage. Betty, more reserved and shy, never quite knows what to do with her hands, how to hold a cigarette, what to say to the boys they meet. But the tables are turned when the pair go their separate ways after an argument: now it’s each girl for herself.
Yvonne Kerékgyártó’s debut feature Free Entry, a fast-paced coming-of-age drama with tender nuances, brings back memories of light-hearted teenage days in which self-doubt was always waiting to pounce.


Yvonne Kerékgyártó Director
Yvonne Kerékgyártó Screenplay
Gergely Pálos, Kristóf Becsey, Zágon Nagy Director of photography
Brigitta Bacskai Editor
Júlia Szlávik Costumes
Judit Kastner Producer
DDK Production Production company
Judit Romwalter, Viktor Huszár Co-producer
Luca Pusztai, Ágnes Bartha Cast


Novi Sad Cinema City - 2014 Cineuropa Prize
Austin SXSW Film Festival - 2015 Gamechanger Award


Wiesbaden GoEast Film Festival - 2014 (in competition)
Pune International Film Festival - 2015
Lagów International Film Festival - 2015
Chicago EU Film Festival - 2016

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