Friend-Brook's Friends
(Barát-patak barátai)

short, video, 22 minutes


This film is based on an event that happened in reality. They story has been sent to Duna Television by environmental conscious children. During a school trip the children discover a very serious case of environmental pollution. They try to find out who let the toxic material into the brook. There are some pipes which lead to the dye factory nearby… The director of the factory tries to bribe the children…

Based on the children’s’ idea, written by Gábor Móray
Editor: Tibor Gyöngyösi
Director of photography: István Csukás
Sound: Rudolf Várhegyi
Assistant director: Zsuzsanna Zánki Pil
Production manager: Sára Szentmiklósi
Editor-director: Kati Macskássy
Expert: Anikó Orgoványi


Kati Macskássy Director


Cairo International Film Festival for Children - 2005 Silver Cairo Feature and Short Film Jury's Prize

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