Ghetto Balboa
(Gettó Balboa)

2018, documentary, 3D, 90 minutes



The documentary follows a boxing coach and his trainee from the very beginning to the first successes. Both characters are of Roma origins from the infamous Ghetto in the middle of Budapest. Misi Sipos (60), an ex member of the 8th district mafia, while recovering in a prison hospital after a shootout with a rival gang, turned to God and left behind his criminal past. As his personal “mission” he started a local community boxing club aimed at young children from troubled families, to keep them away from crime and show them an alternative for their future. Zoli Szabó (21) is one of these kids. He has been boxing in the amateur league under Misi’s guidance for 6 years. Zoli lives in a one bedroom apartment with his dad, stepmother, half sister

and his fiancée, who is already pregnant. Despite his young age he has to face up to the responsibility of providing for his new family. He has a tough decision to make, as he either becomes a professional boxer, which comes with a lot of sacrifices or he follows in the footsteps of his mobster father.

The film is about the path they take together. Misi as a father figure does everything in his might to spare Zoli from the mistakes he had made in his past. The documentary follows them through this journey, day by day in real life situations, avoiding talking heads and other formative elements of traditional factual movies.


Árpád Bogdán Director
Árpád Bogdán Screenplay
Róbert Bordás Director of photography
Csaba Hernáth, Péter Politzer Editor
Ildikó Kosztolni, László Józsa, Attila Ponczók, Gábor Ferenczy Producer
Iamnewhere, Speak Easy Project Production company


Hungarian Film Awards - 2019 Best Documentary Film
Berlin Roma Film Festival - 2018 Main Prize
Hungarian Film Awards - 2019 Róbert Bordás - Best Cinematography
Beijing International Film Festival - 2019 Honorary Works by the Judging Panel
Hungarian Film Awards - 2019 Best Documentary


Sarajevo Film Festival - 2018 (in competition)
Sofia SoIndependent Film Festival - 2018 (in competition)
Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival - 2019 (in competition)
Beijing International Film Festival - 2019
Shanghai International Film Festival - 2019
Lagów International Film Festival - 2019
Vukovar Film Festival - 2019
Pune International Film Festival - 2020 (in competition)

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