short, video, 22 minutes


Our film tells the adventures of God on earth. The Lord steps out of the heaven� gate. The wind slams the door behind, and the key falls down to earth. What could he do: he must go down and get it. �od: I� sorry, would you please help me, I� looking for the key to heaven� gate. The missionary: yessir, we do have it, it� yours for 4999 forints. That could be your kind contribution. (He offers a VHS cassette.) God: This is not that. The missionary: if everything isn� clear, you can get all the information in our tiny community house; there, you�l be warmly welcomed by Father Muhi, but we are up on the Internet, our e-mail address is: god@heavens.hu�The story takes place in today� Hungary, where even God can hardly find his way. The idea comes from a dream one of us, had about the Lord showing up as a normal everyday person. Why not to bring this dream to life the Lord walking between us, becoming our friend, having a cigarette with us...


Zsolt Végh, Zoltán Kálmánchelyi, Angéla Stefanovics Director
Zsolt Végh, Angéla Stefanovics, Zoltán Kálmánchelyi Screenplay
Balázs Dobóczi Director of photography
Péter Politzer, Ferenc Szabó Editor
Himnusz, Roland Vígh Music
Rudolf Várhegyi Sound
Gábor Pataki Visual design
Edit Szűcs Costumes
Csilla Győri, András Muhi Producer
Magyar Független Film és Video Szövetség (MaFSZ), Inforg Stúdió Production company
Zoltán Kálmánchelyi, Judit Rezes, Angéla Stefanovics, Zsolt Végh, Gábor Dióssy, Péter Scherer, Tamás Kalmár, Péter Lecső, Csaba Hernádi, Sándor Csányi, Magdolna Horváth Cast

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