Golden Legends
(A nemzet aranyai)

documentary, color, 149 minutes

documentary sport

PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2023. 4. 20.

The Hungarian men’s national water polo team, led by Dr. Dénes Kemény became Olympic champions for three consecutive Olympics. This is something no one has ever achieved before! In 23 world tournaments, they have been on the podium 22 times, and have won 18 finals, including 10 gold and 8 silver medals. Dénes and six of them are water polo legends who, as three-time Olympic champions, have joined the ranks of Hungarian legends and international aquatic sport immortals. They have shown that TALENT, WORK, MODESTY, WILL, HUMILITY, HUMOR and LOVE is what makes a man! They have achieved their world-renowned success while remaining human, retaining the light, intelligent, witty, typically Hungarian swimming style that has always characterized them and Hungarian water polo!


S. Tamás Zákonyi Director
Gergely Csurka, Ottó Elek Screenplay
S. Tamás Zákonyi Producer
Ottó Elek Co-director
Ottó Elek Co-author

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