His Parents' Eyes
(Szülei szeme)

documentary, digital, 90 minutes


Ferike has a dream: when she grows up, she will collect the money for her parents’ surgery so that they can regain their eyesight and be able to see just like him. For the time being, he accompanies them in their daily life. He assists them everywhere: in a shop, on the way to work, in a museum or the zoo. The parents do their best to have the son enjoy his childhood just like his peers and, at the same time, not move too far away from them. Climbing trees is out of the question.

The documentary follows the life of a blind couple who, despite social prejudice, decided to have a child. 


Ágota Varga Director
Ágota Varga Screenplay
Károly Markert Director of photography
Károly Szalai Editor
Sándor Faludi Sound
Ágota Varga Producer
FILMIRa Ltd. Production company


Cracow Film Festival - 2016
Lagów International Film Festival - 2016 (in competition)

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