Invisible Strings
(Láthatatlan húrok)

documentary, video, 70 minutes


The Talented Pusker Sisters

The Hungarian Pusker sisters are both violin prodigies – Agi is good, but the younger Juli is better. Their delicate relationship, rife with love and jealousy, is complicated by a tragic family secret in this mystical and lyrical film.


Ágnes Sós Director
Ágnes Sós Screenplay
HBO Europe Production company


San Jose Cinequest - 2012 Best Feature Documentary


Toronto Hot Docs - 2011 (in competition)
Cracow Film Festival - 2011 (in competition)
Sarajevo Film Festival - 2011 (in competition)
Bydgoszcz Camerimage - 2011 (in competition)
Zagreb ZagrebDox - 2012

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