It's No Fairy Tale
(Nincs mese)

feature, video, 103 minutes


The youngest boy of fairy tales, Tóbiás, sets off to try his luck. On arriving in town he finds himself in the middle of a major upheaval: the great King announces that he will give his daughter and half his kingdom to the man that passes �he Three Tests� But in this film the great King is a country� powerful entrepreneur, �he Three Tests�are a TV-show, and Tóbiás becomes part of the world of a typically East-European city, full of adventure. This story slickly evokes almost all well known �airy tales� from Hungarian folk tales to the Grimm brothers�stories and Westerns.


Balázs Lóth Director of photography
Georgina Sütő, Tamás Finszter, Miklós Borsos Visual design
Katalin Kozma, Anita Csanaky Costumes
Balázs Lóth Editor
Ákos Inotay, Zoltán Maczkó, Balázs Lóth Screenplay
Duna Workshop, Mark Production Production company
Balázs Lóth Director
Szilveszter Sváb-Kovács, Balázs Lóth Production manager
Balázs Lóth, György Durst Producer
Előd Kostyák Music
Balázs Etter Sound
György Bánffy, Ákos Inotay, Anna Bognár, Károly Gesztesi, Zsolt Kovács, Zsolt Huszár, Zoltán Rajkai Cast

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