Johnny Famous
(Kelj fel Jancsi)

feature, 35mm, 90 minutes

First feature


The film is the sweet, lyric story of Johnny Miller, an immature man in his thirties. Johnny lives with his elderly mother in a small town in California. They have a modest life that goes by the same everyday: Johnny leaves to work every morning but his job doesn’t exist. He walks on the beach all day long and pretends that he’s one of the men from that colorful crowd in Venice Beach. The mother pampers of her son’s childlike innocent imagination. This harmony ends with the mother’s deadly sickness. The only solution for Johnny is the Institute, but on his mother’s earlier request a young girl, Amy Jo takes care of the young man. The closeness of the girl gives hope to Johnny that he might be able to turn his dream world into reality. From here the film follows the main character’s clumsy actions of love. An unbidden guest cuts off his success at the beginning. From here Johnny Miller’s fate seems to be sealed...


Gergely Fonyó Director
Gergely Fonyó Screenplay
Gábor Szitányi Director of photography
Ira Katz, Eszter Majoros Editor
László Dés Music
Gábor Balázs Sound
Éva Fonyó Visual design
Laura Salem Costumes
László Kántor, Gergely Fonyó Producer
Available Light Film, Budapest Film Studio Production company
Péter Jánosi, Joan Newmark, Jon Jacobs, Dawnn Kapatos Cast

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