Jupiter's Moon
(Jupiter holdja)

2017, feature, color, 123 minutes

co-produced with: Germany
drama feature

PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2017. 6. 8.

A young immigrant is shot down while illegally crossing the border. Terrified and in shock, wounded Aryan can now mysteriously levitate at will. Thrown into a refugee camp, he is smuggled out by Dr Stern, intent on exploiting his extraordinary secret. Pursued by enraged camp director Laszlo, the fugitives remain on the move in search of safety and money. Inspired by Aryan's amazing powers, Stern takes a leap of faith in a world where miracles are trafficked for small change.


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Kornél Mundruczó Director
Kornél Mundruczó, Kata Wéber Screenplay
Marcell Rév Director of photography
David Jancsó Editor
Jed Kurzel Music
Gábor Balázs Sound
Márton Ágh Visual design
Panni Lutter Art director
Viktória Petrányi, Michel Merkt, Michael Weber Producer
Proton Cinema Production company
Zsombor Jéger, Merab Ninidze, György Cserhalmi, Mónika Balsai, Péter Haumann, Levente Törköly Cast


Ostend Film Festival - 2017 Marcell Rév - Best Cinematographer
Bitola International Film Camera Festival Manaki Brothers - 2017 Marcell Rév - Golden Camera 300
Batumi International Film Festival - 2017 Merab Ninidze - Best Actor
Haugesund Norwegian IFF - 2017 Andreas Award (Ecumenical Film Prize)
Haugesund Norwegian IFF - 2017 Student Jury Prize
Párizs L'Étrange Festival - 2017 Grand Prix Nouveau Genre Award
Sitges International Film Festival - 2017 Best Feature Length Film
Sitges International Film Festival - 2017 Ferenc Deák - Best Special Effects
Sitges International Film Festival - 2017 Kornél Mundruczó - Time Machine Career Achievement Award
Austin Fantastic Fest - 2017 Kornél Mundruczó - Best Director
Hungarian Film Awards - 2018 Marcell Rév - Best Cinematographer
Hungarian Film Awards - 2018 Márton Ágh - Best Production Designer
Kosice Art Film Fest - 2019 Kornél Mundruczó - Golden Camera Career Award


Cannes International Film Festival - 2017 (in competition)
Sydney Film Festival - 2017
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - 2017
Palic International Film Festival - 2017 (in competition)
Wroclaw New Horizons IFF - 2017
Sarajevo Film Festival - 2017
Bergen International Film Festival - 2017
Luxembourg CinÉast - 2017
Săo Paulo International Film Festival - 2017
Palm Springs International Film Festival - 2018
Angers Premiers Plans - 2018
Trieste Film Festival - 2018
Belgrade International Film Festival - 2018
Sofia International Film Festival - 2018
Chicago International Film Festival - 2018
San Francisco International Film Festival - 2018
Shanghai International Film Festival - 2018

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