Just a Little Girl...
(Csak egy kislány...)

documentary, video, 27 minutes


On 16th May in 2002 Márta Eggerth gave a concert in the Theater an der Wien in Vienna. The footage of this concert and a short interview with the artist serve as the framework for this portrait film. Being a contemporary of Imre Kálmán and Ferenc Lehár makes Márta Eggerth the last representative of a great era. Despite her old age she still sings and it fills her with anguish that she has never been invited to perform in Hungary.
This documentary is about Márta Eggerth and her husband, of Polish origin, Jan Kiepura, highlighting the main stages of their lives with the help of archive film excerpts and photographs. The colourful career of the artist is barely known even by experts in the field, despite the fact that she keeps audiences in New York, Vienna and Berlin enthralled by her performances even now, at the age of 92. She speaks perfect Hungarian, although she has not been to Hungary since 1939.

Meeting Márta Eggerth


László Kerényi, Dávid Kerényi Director
Dávid Kerényi Screenplay
László Kerényi Director of photography
László Fésűs, Dávid Kerényi Editor
László Kerényi Production company
Dávid Kerényi Narrator


Cracow Film Festival - 2005

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