Just Drop Dead
(Halj már meg!)

feature, HD, color, 105 minutes, 1:1.85



Following the sudden death of a mysterious engine driver in his sixties, the Wife, the Lover, her illegitimate Daughter and an increasing number of shady characters from his spurious past want to know the true identity of the man they loved. They are dying to know which of them was really loved by him, and where he has hidden the fantastic fruit of his double life.

In their deadly struggle, our heroes find themselves in the centre of a satirical crime comedy, the sinful roots of which stretch back to the eighties, the closing decade of the socialist era.


Zoltán Kamondi Director
Zoltán Kamondi, László Márton Screenplay
Zoltán Kamondi, Gábor Medvigy Director of photography
László Rumbold Editor
Attila Tőzsér Sound
Gábor Ferenczy, Attila Tőzsér Producer
Adél Kováts, Eszter Ónodi, György Cserhalmi, János Kulka, Mari Törőcsik, Ákos Kőszegi, Gábor Koncz, Alma Virág Pájer, Eszter Csákányi, Géza Hegedűs D. Cast


Hungarian Film Awards - 2017 Eszter Ónodi - Hungarian Film Award for Best Supporting Actress


Cairo International Film Festival - 2016
Săo Paulo International Film Festival - 2017

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