documentary, HD, 104 minutes

documentary sport

PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2022. 5. 12.

Katinka Hosszú, three-time Olympic champion swimmer, is preparing for the greatest challenge of her life: the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The preparation and the competition are the present time of our documentary. We follow Katinka on dry land and in the water, through her ups and downs. Then suddenly, the pandemic shuts everything down. The Tokyo Olympic games get postponed. While we directly observe the exciting story in the present, we get acquainted with our heroine’s past. In in-depth interviews, Katinka talks about her childhood in Baja; about her first encounter with swimming; her grandfather, who was her first coach; about the first national and international competitions; and the first medals. She talks about her years of study in Los Angeles; her World Champion and Olympic Champion titles; her dizzying career; her three gold medals earned in Rio; but she will also talk about her personal life, her relationship with Shane Tusup, their work together and their divorce. She allows the camera – and thus the audience – to get closer than ever before.  We see the origins of the constant struggle between Katinka and her swimming alter-ego, the Iron Lady. And then we follow Katinka to Tokyo, where, after the Rio Olympics which yielded three gold medals, she again competes for victory.


Norbert Pálinkás Director
András Nagy Director of photography
Balázs Gotthárdi Editor
Ambrus Tövisházi Music
Tamás Lajos Producer
Szupermodern Studio Production company

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