animation, 35mm, 6 minutes, 1:1.33



Ferenc Cakó Director
Ferenc Cakó Screenplay
Antal Kazi Director of photography
Magda Hap Editor
Zoltán Mericske Music
Béla Zsebényi Sound
Ferenc Cakó Producer
C.A.K.Ó. STÚDIÓ Production company
Ferenc Cakó Animation


Madrid Experimental Cinema Week - 2006 (in competition)
Riga BIMINI - 2008 (in competition)
Dervio International Cartoons and Comics Festival - 2008 (in competition)
Berlin INTERFILM - 2007 (in competition)
Barcelona l’Alternativa - 2007
Bilbao ZINEBI - 2006 (in competition)
Granada Young Filmmmaker Festival - 2007 (in competition)
Istanbul International Short Film Days - 2007
Valladolid International Film Festival - 2006 (in competition)
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival - 2007 (in competition)
Rio de Janeiro, Săo Paulo ANIMA MUNDI - 2008 (in competition)
Norwich International Animation Festival - 2006
Stockholm International Film Festival - 2006 (in competition)
Venice International Film Festival - 2006 (in competition)

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