Liquid Gold
(Folyékony arany)

documentary, HD, 78 minutes

PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2019. 9. 19.

The Aszú of Tokaj, a sweet wine of Hungary, was once cherished by King Louis XIV, Queen Victoria, Peter the Great, Goethe and Beethoven. But the world has since forgotten the noble Aszú; two world wars, the enforced collectivisation of the Communist regime and the deadly filoxera epidemic had all wreaked havoc on the vines. Three men: István Szepsy, the scion of a great Hungarian wine-making family, András Bacsó, the managing director of Oremus, and László Alkonyi, a once-successful stock broker who fell in love with wine-making and moved to Tokaj. One shared obsession: to return the Great Wine to its place on the most important tables of the world.
The men set the bar high: to make the world’s best, 100% naturally produced sweet wine. Battling nature’s whims and competing with global powers, could they better the grandest international wine producers and restore the Aszú to its former glory?


Tamás Almási Director
Márton Vízkeleti Director of photography
László Hargittai Editor
László Dés Music
Julianna Ugrin Producer
Éclipse Film Production company


Lagów International Film Festival - 2020 (in competition)

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