Muzsikás Story
(Muzsikás történet)

documentary, video, 116 minutes


The 35 Years of Muzsikás Group

The Muzsikás Group earned its world fame: they play folk music to the highest standard, remaining true to their roots while also being open to other genres. Even more importantly, they preserve and mediate their elemental love for music to their audience.
During the Kádár regime they were possibly the most famous and definitely the most lasting representatives of the then emerged folk "dance house movement" that was bold enough to make a statement about national identity, a taboo in those times. After the change of the political system they shared the treasure that they and other similar-minded people have preserved - and basically salvaged - with the world. They work together with classical, jazz, rock and klezmer musicians. They perform in the most important concert halls of the world. They are among those few who are regarded as being one of the true faces of Hungary.


Péter Pál Tóth Director
Péter Pál Tóth Screenplay
Gábor Balog, Péter Pál Tóth Director of photography
Péter Pál Tóth Editor
Muzsikás Music
István Perger Sound
Sándor Buglya, Zoltán Füredi Producer
Dunatáj Alapítvány, Palantír Film Production company
Muzsikás Cast


Bali International Film Festival - 2010 Main Prize


Cluj-Napoca Transilvania - 2010
Ashkelon Jewish Eye Festival - 2010
Targu-Mures AlterNative - 2010

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