Natural Light
(Természetes fény)

2021, feature, 103 minutes

co-produced with: France Germany Latvia

PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2021. 9. 16.

World War II, occupied Soviet Union. István Semetka is a simple Hungarian farmer who serves as a Sub-Lieutenant in a special unit scouting for illegal partisan groups. On their way to a remote village, his company fell under enemy fire. As the commander is killed, Semetka has to overcome his fear and take command of the unit, being dragged into a chaos that he cannot control.


Dénes Nagy Director
Dénes Nagy Screenplay
Tamás Dobos Director of photography
Nicolas Rumpl Editor
Santa Ratniece Music
Dominique Gaborieau, Jocelyn Robert Sound
Márton Ágh Visual design
Márton Ágh Costumes
Sára László, Marcell Gerő Producer
Campfilm Production company
Mistrus Media, Lilith Films, Propellerfilm, ZDF arte, Proton Cinema, Novak Prod. / BE Co-producer
Ferenc Szabó, Tamás Garbacz, László Bajkó, Gyula Franczia Cast


Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival - 2021 Silver Bear
Fajr International Film Festival - 2021 Best Film
Hungarian Motion Picture Festival - 2021 Dénes Nagy - Best Screenplay
Hungarian Motion Picture Festival - 2021 Márton Ágh - Best Costume
European Film Academy - 2021 Márton Ágh - European Production Design
Chalons-en-Champagne War on Screen - 2022 Main Prize


Vilnius International Film Festival - 2021
Moscow International Film Festival - 2021
Kiev MOLODIST International Film Festival - 2021
Shanghai International Film Festival - 2021

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