2018, feature, HD, color, 98 minutes

romantic comedy

PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2018. 10. 18.

A thirty-something couple decides to save their loving but sexually deflated relationship by simply opening it. They hope to escape the seemingly inevitable cheatings and betrayals that everyone else around them struggles with. However, this proves to be far more difficult and painful than imagined: they aren’t prepared for neither the physical nor the emotional ramifications of the new opportunities. The film tries to depict the challenges of 21st century relationships and sexuality from a strong female point of view, dealing with gender roles and false expectations with quirky humor and honesty.


Orsi Nagypál Director
Orsi Nagypál Screenplay
Máté Herbai Director of photography
Áron Mezei Editor
Márk Moldvai Music
Gábor Kálomista, Dorottya Helmeczy Producer
Megafilm Production company
Csilla Radnay, Lehel Kovács, Adél Jordán, Bori Péterfy, András Ötvös, Laura Lénárdt, Bence Brasch Cast


Montreal The World Film Festival - 2018
Luxembourg CinÉast - 2018
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival - 2018 (in competition)
Porto FANTASPORTO - 2019
Stara Zagora Golden Linden - 2019

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