Paths of Death and Angels
(Halálutak és angyalok)

feature, 35mm, 114 minutes


József Schrevek, who has an exceptional ability to disentangle entwined lives, is touched by Death. Using his invisible power, the old man tries to perform the miracle once again for the last time and find his successor.
It is his tragedy that his son is unsuitable for the part, he has not inhereted his father's ethereal qualities.
Iván, who suffers from an inferiority complex, can only find refuge in his YUCCA Club of dissolute beauty. This is where he meets Ilona for whom József Schrevek's ability is shrouded with a layer of grey dust. Iván discovers the striking resemblence. With the duality of love and hatred he feels towards his father he tries to hold is getting weaker.
Ilona soon notices that she is being watched. She finds photos recording her most solitary moment. Her life becomes the plaything of mysterious forces. She begins to investigate who is haunting her.
She suspects Iván who begins to behave more and more strangely, then her suspicion turns to love, which is a great shock to Iván because he knows that she is looking for his father and not for him. When the girl realises this she tries to run away. In disappointment she breaks up with Iván.
But by then even she can feel the nearless of a "stronger presence". She drifts towards an empty and desolate place which looks as if giants had been playing with enormous building bricks and where a blind little boy lives out his miraculous life. He is the pearl of József Schrevek's proteges and Ilona learns the truth about her fate from him.
On returning she is forced to realise that love and determination are not enough: the jealous struggle between father and son ends in tragedy.
Ilona has to build a "tomorrow" on her own.


Zoltán Kamondi Director
János Dömölky, Gábor Hanák Producer
MTV, Budapest Film Studio Production company
Péter Kardos Sound
Zsuzsa Pósán Editor
Ferenc Szohár Production manager
György Árvai, János Rauschenberger, Sándor Kállay Visual design
László Melis Music
Gábor Medvigy Director of photography
Zoltán Kamondi Screenplay
János Breckl, Ágnes Szabó, Márta Fehér Costumes
Enikő Eszenyi, Rudolf Hrusinsky, Grigoriy Glagyiy, István Dégi, György Petri, Gábor Reviczky, Eszter Csákányi Cast

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