feature, HD, 93 minutes, cinemascope

First feature

co-produced with: Switzerland
thriller drama


- dialogues in English -

A teenage girl is hiding a man in her bedroom closet. Since her father moved out she has been living alone with her mother, who does not know about the man's presence. At first the man and the girl play games, make up rules and flirt with each other. The man gradually gets bored with her childish ways and starts to spy on the mother. After a jealous fight, the man leaves the closet and insinuates his way into the mother's life. Now that he has gained control over both women it seems that he is just there to destroy them.


Daniel Young Director
Daniel Young Screenplay
Martin Szecsanov Director of photography
Ági Mógor Editor
Realistic Crew Music
Csaba Major Sound
Gábor Valcz Visual design
Sosa Juristovszky Costumes
Gábor Herendi, Agnes Havas Producer
Skyfilm Studio, Kontraproduktion / CH Production company
Rachael Blake, Laura Greenwood, Ervin Nagy, Zoltán Rátóti Cast


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2009 Csaba Major - Best Sound


Vancouver International Film Festival - 2009
Lagów International Film Festival - 2009 (in competition)
Cork Film Festival - 2009
Zlín International Film Festival for Children and Youth - 2009 (in competition)

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