Prefab People

feature, 35mm, 84 minutes, 1:1.33


The story (the basic situation) is such that it could take place at any period, anywhere and any time. The current ornamentation and stereotypes of confinement are appropriate, on the hand the panel situations, the panel thinking, the panel people and on the other, the people yearn for something else through their own actions and in unrepeatable ways. This duality accompanies what they do (we can call it fate), in which is manifest that the more they desire of the what is fine and good, the more hopeless their situation is.


Barna Mihók, Ferenc Pap Director of photography
Társulás Film Studio, Hungarian Television Production company
Béla Tarr Screenplay
Béla Tarr Director
István Dárday Producer
Róbert Koltai, Judit Pogány Cast

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