short, 35mm, 5 minutes, 1:1.66


"This film tells us that each human being has a life, that each human being has a face, a critical look and a name that are inalienable - that each human being has a dignity. We must try to protect this dignity. Should anyone be deprived of it, we must try to conquer it back for them. This film is about human dignity, it shows humiliated, offended people, it is a film from Hungary."
(Béla Tarr)


Ágnes Hranitzky Editor
Robby Müller Director of photography
Zentropa, T. T. Filmműhely Production company
Gábor Téni Producer
Mihály Víg Music
Béla Tarr Director


Procida Il Vento del Cinema - 2004
Trieste Film Festival - 2005
Paris Cinéma Festival - 2004
Pamplona Punto de Vista - 2008
Split Film Festival - 2005
Cottbus FilmFestival - 2004
Huesca Film Festival - 2005
Paris Forum des images - 2004

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