feature, 35mm, 105 minutes


A petrol station, a day, a match.
The attendant likes soccer, his girlfriend doesn’t. A prisoner wants to escape, another one doesn’t. Out of two hackers one knows what he is doing, the other one doesn’t. A local cop knows from experience that a can of petrol could give you a nasty bang, a copywriter doesn’t know it yet. On a sleepy summer afternoon, at a small petrol station doing humble business the attendant and his girlfriend are bickering as usual. The attendant drives away, and whether it is the greatest folly or the greatest luck will only turn out the
next day.
Everyone thinks that the highlight of the day is the soccer world cup final, but something far more interesting happens: the girlfriend, who is left alone, is faced with a revengeful hacker and his worrying daughter. They are about to get down to business when two prisoners on the run turn up. If this wasn’t enough for a helluva afternoon, there is more to come: a cop sent by the jealous attendant arrives at the scene, and finally the jealous attendant himself, with a huge shotgun.
In this situation no one can leave… It’s not up to them to decide how they should get out of this mess. It’s rather a mysterious, invisible character who has some breathtaking secrets that will do so.www.kutfejek.hu


Iván Kapitány Director
Gábor Olivér Búss, Iván Kapitány, Zoltán Gergely, Dénes Orosz, László Seregi Jr. Screenplay
László Seregi Jr. Director of photography
Gábor Marinkás Editor
Gergely Parádi, Smash Mouth Music
György Lakatos, Attila Tőzsér Sound
Péter Kovács Visual design
Péter Klimó Costumes
Iván Kapitány, Judit Diószegi Producer
Filmservice Production company
Roland Selmeczi, Iván Fenyő, György Dörner, Orsolya Holecskó, Péter Kálloy Molnár, Mónika Ullmann, Károly Gesztesi, Attila Kaszás Cast

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