Rap, Revue, Romeo
(Rap, Revü, Rómeó)

feature, 35mm, 100 minutes


Rap, Revue, Romeo is a true mix of genres. It is a love story with music from the heart of the eighth district, with the drug business, mafia turf wars, Gypsy rappers, Chinese shop-keepers and Hungarian knuckle stew.
Whoever has not lived in Józsefváros, can only know this place through preconceptions – Rap, Revue, Romeo tries to overwrite these clichés.
The local king, uncle Dodi tries to crown his underworld success with the help of the Revue bar. In running his business he takes on his inexperienced and good-looking relative called Romeo, and he contracts the Kalányos Rap Team Roma rap group to entertain his ”sophisticated” audience. Romeo, who is less perceptive about the career of a gangster, falls in love with the daughter of the neigh-bouring Chinese shop’s owner, but the maffia turf wars and vendettas cast a shadow over his love.www.raprevuromeo.hu


Zsolt Prieger, Mátyás Boros jr., Gergő Németh, Tyson Kicsi Music
János Breckl, Zsóka Hóka Costumes
Zsófia Kende, Kornél Sipos Producer
Laurinfilm Production company
Gábor Révész, Gábor Oláh J. Screenplay
Zoltán Jánossa Director of photography
Sándor Szabó Production manager
Klára Major Editor
Ruth Mac Sound
Dóra Ligeti, Kinga Huber Visual design
Gábor Oláh J. Director
Dávid Csányi, Zoltán Tóth, András Stohl, Eszter Ónodi, Lili Monori, János Gálvölgyi, Nguyen Ha Phuong, Judit Dobos Cast

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