feature, 35mm, 110 minutes


yet those who are not kin, they have to live too
It is a centuries-old tradition in Hungary that people don’t vote for, but rather against someone.
Instead of the corrupt Makróczy, István Kopjáss becomes the attorney general of Zsarátnok. Kopjáss is a clean character. His pockets are empty, but his head is full of beautiful, world-redeeming dreams. Alas, the position of an attorney general comes not only with power that can be turned to serve the cause of good, but also with an ungodly huge racket, called the Pig Breeding Co., as well as many, many relatives. Some of the relatives are up to their ears in the Pig Breeding Co. racket, with others dying to get in on some good, juicy scam. Kopjáss falls in love with power a bit and he falls madly in love with a relative. In the end, he runs aground since one cannot be a relative and a non-relative at the same time. At least he himself faces the consequences.  On the other hand, the Pig Breeding Co. remains, wearing a curly


István Szabó Director
István Szabó, Andrea Vészits Screenplay
Lajos Koltai Director of photography
Zsuzsa Csákány Editor
Hot Jazz Band Music
Gábor Balázs Sound
Zsolt Khell Visual design
Györgyi Szakács Costumes
János Rózsa Producer
Objektív Film Studio, I.S.L. Film, TV2 Production company
Sándor Csányi, Ildikó Tóth, Oleg Tabakov, Károly Eperjes, Erika Marozsán, Csaba Pindroch, Ferenc Kállai, Piroska Molnár, Jiři Menzel, József Szarvas Cast


Tiburon International Film Festival - 2007 István Szabó - Best Director Award


Luxembourg CinÉast - 2009
Thiruvananthapuram International Film Festival - 2008
Jerusalem International Film Festival - 2006
Barcelona Festival de Cinema Politic - 2006
Cottbus FilmFestival - 2008
Riga Baltic Pearl - 2006
Istanbul International Film Festival - 2007
Pune International Film Festival - 2007
Moscow International Film Festival - 2006 (in competition)
Mumbai International Film Festival - 2008
Warsaw International Film Festival - 2006
Palic International Film Festival - 2007
Mumbai International Film Festival - 2007
Segovia MUCES - 2006
Chicago International Film Festival - 2006
Athens PANORAMA - 2007
Calcutta International Film Festival - 2008
Vancouver International Film Festival - 2006
Sofia CINEMANIA - 2006
Copenhagen CPH:PIX - 2006
Ghent Flanders International Film Festival - 2006 (in competition)
Motovun Film Festival - 2007

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