feature, 35mm, 85 minutes


The first scene of this film, which takes place in the present, takes us back to the fifties, when in a hospital a terminally ill young woman, Irén is saying good-bye to her child Rózsika. Fifty years later the then orphaned child is a homeless old woman who inherited her mother’s pneumoconiosis. 
Throughout her time roaming around in the city Rózsika meets a taciturn woman, who moves in a strange way. They became close friends. Neither of them knows but the viewers soon find out that we are witnessing the reunion of mother and daughter. From this point the two women’s lives are entwined. Through their adventures the significantly different worlds and characters living in Hungary in the third millennium are juxtaposed.
When it turns out that Rózsika, the old and ill homeless woman, has only days to live, Irén mobilises her hidden energies and like in a modern tale she saves her daughter from


Ágnes Incze Director
Ágnes Incze Screenplay
Zsuzsanna Szászi Story editor
Máté Herbai Director of photography
Ágnes Incze Editor
Gábor Deutsch, Vilmos Vajdai, Péter Kunert Music
János Csáki Sound
János Breckl Costumes
Krisztina Bene Production manager
Péter Miklós Tóth Producer
Europe Film & Communications Production company
Béla Mészáros, György Kökényesi, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Zsolt Nagy, Gál Vince Zrínyi, Lídia Danis, Tibor Mészáros, Zsófi Szamosi, Kati Lázár, Hanna Jeney, András Salamon, Vera Pap Cast


Mumbai International Film Festival - 2007
Pune International Film Festival - 2007

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