Riviera East
(Nyugati nyaralás)

feature, color, 105 minutes

crime comedy

PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2022. 9. 15.

Hungary, the mid-80s. Gyuri Maurer, a savvy car mechanic has a solution to everything: all the party bigwigs bring their cars to him. In a few days, he is about to take a vacation at the French Riviera with his family, but instead of four passports, they only get three. Suddenly, Gyuri has an epiphany: they borrow the luxury car left in the garage by an immigrated Hungarian. With a West German car and passport, the family begins to act like tourists who came to enjoy the luxury service at the Balaton. Little do they know, that by borrowing that car, they ride into the middle of the cold war spy game…


Dániel Tiszeker, Lévai Balázs Director
István Tasnádi Screenplay
Ádám Pataki Director of photography
Áron Mezei Editor
Lévai Balázs, Krisztina Meggyes Producer
Máté Mészáros, Lia Pokorny, Abigél Szőke, Ákos Orosz, András Ötvös Cast


Cinefest - Miskolc International Film Festival - 2022 Audience Award
Hungarian Motion Picture Festival - 2023 Audience Award


Palic International Film Festival - 2023
Catania - Kinest Fest - 2023 (in competition)

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