feature, 35mm, 85 minutes


This film, set at the end of the 18th century, in a provincial and noble environment raises the question of humans forced to lead a meaningless life. The rich Transylvanian noble youth, Kálmán Linczényi, absorbed the spirit of freedom and enlightened culture in Paris. Returning to his father's estate, he encounters a superstitious backwardness and an orgiastic storming of violence and insticts. He is robbed on his way home, sorcerers rub his body distressed with fever and then a showgirl forces her lust on him. In rebellion, he frees the gang-leader and flees to nature. But the robbers, cornered by the soldiers, kill each other and Kálmán remains alone, like a beast in the wilderness.
(Source: Hungarian Film Institute)


Zsolt Kézdi-Kovács Director
Géza Bereményi, Zsolt Kézdi-Kovács Screenplay
János Kende, Kálmán Szigethy Director of photography
István Nemeskürty Producer
Budapest Film Studio Production company
István Szeghő, Ádám Szirtes, József Madaras, Dezső Garas Cast

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