Satan's Bastard
(A sátán fattya)

2018, feature, 102 minutes


PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2017. 12. 11.

Based on the multiple award-winning book by Zoltán Mihály Nagy, „Satan’s Bastard” depicts the tragedy of the diaspora Hungarians living in the Sub-Carpathians (now part of Ukraine). In 1944, the Soviet army invades the region and takes the men from the local villages to forced labour camps. 18-year-old Eszter Tóth, while visiting his father in a camp, gets brutally raped by Russian soldiers. The girl brings life to a baby boy – „the Satan’s bastard”, whose mere existence makes Eszter and her family being ostracized by their village.


Dezső Zsigmond Director
Dezső Zsigmond, Géza Balogh Screenplay
Gábor Halász Director of photography
Gabriella Koncz Editor
Ferenc Darvas Music
Dezső Zsigmond, Sándor Buglya Producer
Dunatáj Alapítvány Production company
Viktória Tarpai, Zsolt Trill, Nelli Szűcs, Attila Kristán, József S. Kovács Cast


Moscow International Film Festival - 2018 (in competition)
Ghent Flanders International Film Festival - 2018
Lagów International Film Festival - 2019

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