Seaside, Dusk
(Balra a nap nyugszik)

feature, 35mm, 91 minutes

First feature


Alex and Zsolt have been friends for long. They make a good living by bringing stolen cars to Hungary and selling them there. Their new business would start by taking drugs home from abroad. However Alex would rather quit. He promises that for the very last time he is going to bring the pills from Germany but afterwards he finishes. Parallelly, Alex would also give a surprise to the woman, Maria living on the island of Rügen, whom Alex started this relationship on phone by travelling to Germany without telling it to her. And Maria does not know anything about Alex's blindness. Will they ever meet and see each other?


András Fésős Director
András Fésős, Gábor Németh Screenplay
András Nagy Director of photography
Ági Mógor Editor
Tibor Szemző Music
János Hajdú Sound
Krisztina Berzsenyi Visual design
Edit Szűcs Costumes
György Durst Producer
Kép-Árnyék, Hazard Film Production company
Győző Szabó, László Készeg, Andrea Takáts Cast


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2000 Best Photography: András Nagy
Cluj-Napoca Transilvania - 2002 Best Cinematography: András Nagy
Kiev MOLODIST International Film Festival - 2000 Ecumenical Jury's Prize


Sochi International Film Festival - 2001 (in competition)
Cairo International Film Festival - 2000
Calcutta International Film Festival - 2001
Roma MedFilm Festival - 2002
Bradford International Film Festival - 2001

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