Shooting Gallery

feature, 35mm, 87 minutes


Three people live together without having anything to do with each other. The macho father used to have a shooting gallery which he had to sell. Yet secretly, he keeps on dreaming about it. He is crude and cold with his son and his liver, and takes no notice of his wife. His son, who also often dreams about the old shooting gallery, suddenly shoots his father dead with the strictly guarded gun, and hides the corpse in the bedding box. A few days later, his mother helps him bury the corpse. The crime is discovered and Feri is arrested. The detective attempts to understand the purpose od the murder, learn about the personality of the boy, his relationship to his family and to the wolrd. His attempts fail. The boy escapes, finds his girlfriend, but she refuses to associate herself with him. In the meantime, his mother moves to her lover. Feri sits into a swing on the abandoned shore of Lake Blaton and then vanishes from the scene.


Marianna Miklós, Mária Kovács, Zsuzsa Pósán Editor
Hunnia Film Studio, MTV-FMS, Béla Balázs Studio Foundation Production company
András Tóth Production manager
Andrea Nagy Costumes
Csaba Stork Visual design
László Melis, Szakadtak, 180-as csoport Music
Gábor Medvigy, Tibor Klöpfler Director of photography
József Czégényi Expert
Sándor Fábry Story editor
Attila Kovács Consultant
Gyula Sopsits, Gyula Elian Screenplay
Árpád Sopsits Director
Zoltán Lengyel, Lajos Kovács, Feró Nagy, Judit Danyi, Lili Monori Cast


Chicago International Film Festival - 1990 Golden Plaque to Tibor Klöpfler
Bergamo Film Meeting - 1990 Bronze Rose,FIPRESCI Prize
Cannes Quinzaine des Réalisateurs - 1990 Youth Jury's Certificate of Merit
Ghent Flanders International Film Festival - 1990 Supporting for Distribution
Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 1990 Main Prize,Gene Moskowitz Prize
Lagów International Film Festival - 2000 Golden Grape Award

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