(Szőke kóla)

feature, 35mm, 96 minutes


Nándor Lerner, the successful building contractor, finds himself in a world foreign to him and in a matter of a single minute loses his car, his papers worth millions, and even his beautiful girlfriend.
Other people would turn to their friends for help, but he has never had anyone like that.
Since he has no hope of being helped in any other way as a last resort he makes friends with Veréb, a tone-deaf Roma car repairman who loves singing, and his two mates, the stroppy Ricsi and the silent Robi, who lives only for women and fights. They have one day to get into Veréb� freshly tuned 1200 and reclaim everything, reckon with the bad guys, and get rid of their own prejudices against each other.


Károly Makk Story editor
Péter Majoros Narrator
Attila Madaras Sound
Ibolya Bárdosi Visual design
Péter Barbalics, György Dora Producer
Ákos Barnóczky Director
Csaba Novák Screenplay
Ibolya Bárdosi Costumes
András Suri, Kálmán Müller, Pál Kis Music
Imre Balázs Production manager
New Balance Production company
Gábor Forgács Director of photography
Beáta Eszlári Editor
Oszkár Nyári, Péter Albert, László Pozsonyi Takács, József Tálos, Ági Margitai, Péter Majoros, M. László Szecsődi, Endre Beleznay, Dezső Szegedi, Zita Görög, Antal Cserna, Gabi Gubás Cast

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