Someone for Dinner
(Valaki vacsorára)

short, digital, 18 minutes


A guest arrives at a man’s flat. They have both waited for a long time. They have the same goal, but for different reasons. They are afraid of each other. They are happy to see each other. A mind-game of two men in a small apartment.


Sándor Csukás Director of photography
Rudolf Várhegyi Sound
Rita Dévényi Visual design
Kata Oláh Producer
Zsolt Hájos Editor
Peter Ogi Music
András György Dési, Gábor Móray Director
András György Dési, Gábor Móray Screenplay
István Znamenák, Illés Nyitrai Cast


Sarajevo Film Festival - 2013 (in competition)
Vilnius International Film Festival - 2014

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