Song of Lives
(Életek éneke)

documentary, 35mm, 100 minutes, 1:1.85



In a village deep in Transylvania, a number of people are attending the funeral of a great Gypsy–Hungarian violinist. His death brought together all the musicians int he region. The Master is gone, but a new group is born, an orchestra of 27 musicians of Gypsies, Romanians and Hungarians. The film, like a gentle road-movie, discovers the tragic and happy moments through different destinies. Their music however, is eternal.


Csaba Bereczki Director
Csaba Bereczki Screenplay
Tibor Nemes Director of photography
Réka Lemhényi Editor
Jean-Luc Audry Sound
Csaba Bereczki, Tamás Tolmár Producer
Dialog Film Studio Production company
László Kelemen, János Zerkula, István Jámbor Cast


Salerno International Film Festival - 2008 (in competition)
Cluj-Napoca Transilvania - 2009
Warsaw International Film Festival - 2008 (in competition)
Vukovar Film Festival - 2009 (in competition)
Leipzig International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film - 2008

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