feature, digital, color, 117 minutes

comedy music


Sometimes you have to make a fool of yourself to be taken seriously. - SWING is the story of three women from three different generations who sing in an all-girl act, bound together by a passion for music… and a desperate need for quick cash.
Starring a trio of accomplished Hungarian actresses - led by the iconoclastic Mari Törőcsik - who have collected awards for Best Actress in Cannes, Chicago, Karlovy Vary and Monte Carlo.
RITA (50s) just got dumped by her rich husband for 20 years. She's off and ready to come out of her ebony tower, and start a new and exciting life just by herself, making up for the time wasted. KATI (middle 30s) is a single mom, waiting tables, getting fired and hired again and again. Always on the brink of bankruptcy. PETRA (20s) is clueless. Starting off in life, she's new to the games people play around her. Petra's ambitious, flirtatious, erratic. Now, these three strangers are brought together by EMMI (70s), a lovable rascal of a lady, desperately in need of an all-girl singing group for a winter tour in the countryside. The girls got the talent, and sure they all need the money - but can they get along? They all got the style - but will they make a good team? Can they earn the respect of the men around them - or is it only about earning quick cash?


Csaba Fazekas Director
Csaba Fazekas Screenplay
Dániel Garas Director of photography
Béla Barsi Editor
Csaba Faltay Music
Gábor Valcz Art director
Márk Lakatos Costumes
István Bodzsár Producer
Unio Film Production company
Judit Romwalter Co-producer
Eszter Ónodi, Eszter Csákányi, Franciska Törőcsik, Mari Törőcsik, János Kulka, Béla Mészáros, Imre Csuja, Dávid Szatory, Tibor Gáspár, Mari Nagy Cast


Hungarian Film Awards - 2016 Hungarian Film Award for Best Sound


Pinamar Pantalla - 2016
Saitama Skip City International D-Cinema Festival - 2015 (in competition)
Várna Love is Folly International Film Festival - 2017

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